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Why Dental Implants? The Ideal Choice for Many

Dental implants are not just another option; they are often the best choice for those who want to restore their smile’s functionality and aesthetics. If you’re dealing with missing teeth and seeking a solution that offers longevity, comfort, and a natural appearance, dental implants could be ideal for you.

Personalized Dental Implant Solutions for You

At Toluca Advanced Dentistry, we understand that every smile is unique. That’s why we offer personalized dental implant solutions. Whether you need to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, our team of skilled professionals is equipped to provide tailored care that meets your specific needs.

Take Advantage of Our Limited-Time Offer

For a limited time, we’re excited to offer a $1,000 off discount and a free consultation for our dental implant services. This is an excellent opportunity to explore how dental implants can benefit you without any financial commitment. Receive a complimentary professional consultation with your dental implant appointment booking.

Experience the Life-Changing Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants can significantly improve your quality of life. Imagine biting into your favorite foods, laughing without reservation, and speaking confidently, all without the worry of shifting or slipping teeth. Dental implants provide a stable, secure fit that can transform your daily experiences.


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Book Free Consultation

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Take advantage of our $1,000 Off discount and free consultation. Restrictions apply** 

Mark LazarusMark Lazarus
01:55 14 Jul 24
Very good dentist — excellent service and excellent staff!!! I love delta dental because they allowed me to find this NJhighly recommend this dentist dental office and this dentist
Mandi Fai LyMandi Fai Ly
19:50 12 Jul 24
This place is great! I’ve been looking for a new dentist that I like for a while now since moving, and I have found it finally!
Regina RaineyRegina Rainey
04:05 22 Jun 24
The hygienist was very good. She gave me information to better care for my teeth. Dr. Shawn showed pictures of my teeth and explained how the Invisalign system would correct alignment. The staff is always polite and professional.
Lance MartínezLance Martínez
21:03 14 Jun 24
Got a cleaning and the difference was night and day best office in L.A
Jason Friedman-MendezJason Friedman-Mendez
19:41 04 Jun 24
Friendly staff, friendly dentist. Very honest and trustworthy, I never once questioned their advice and recommendations. The appointments are always on time.
Armando ParedesArmando Paredes
19:26 12 Mar 24
great doctor, friendly staff.
Dakin MatthewsDakin Matthews
21:23 09 Mar 24
clear explanation of what needed to be done–and costs Nearly painless and service.
Tom ByrneTom Byrne
21:26 07 Mar 24
All work was performed promptly and without discomfort. I am having extensive work coming up. A thorough plan has been presented. Anxiety has been eliminated.
John BucherJohn Bucher
22:04 20 Feb 24
The Dr and his staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
Claudia GoldClaudia Gold
17:04 14 Feb 24
Dr. Shawns expertise and calm nature helped take away any anxiety about the dental procedures I needed. The office has a great vibe and the staff is friendly and supportive. Highly recommend visiting Dr. Shawn if you are looking for a trustworthy, highly skilled Dentist.
Sandor LeckoSandor Lecko
17:21 21 Dec 23
i’m 70 yrs old and have been blissed to of had many excellent dentists over the years.. and i can say without reservation that Dr. Shahrooz has the most thoughtful and gentle hands that i’ve ever encountered; this is not to say that my other dentists were not careful and skilled.. it’s just that he is extraordinarily so.. you know he’s in your mouth doing something but you feel very little.. on top of that he is a perfectionist.. within the past year he has replaced two 55-60 year old fillings with crowns; he takes the time and makes itty bitty micro adjustments until it’s perfect! .. additionally the office is super clean, with the latest high tech dental equipment, that amazes an old geezer like myself that remembers the old belt driven tools and wet photo chemical x-rays that shook the building when the button was pushed and took time to develop .. and .. Maria who takes care of scheduling and billing is a joy; she checks with the insurance company before you arrive and shows you a breakdown of the charges and what portion is your responsibility so there are no surprises and there is very little if any waiting.. it’s a top drawer operation and i feel fortunate to have him as my dentist…
Anthony ZiyadAnthony Ziyad
01:53 21 Dec 23
Had an amazing visit and I felt super comfortable getting my front teeth worked on! The work looks good and done in one visit.
06:39 03 Dec 23
Fred SimonFred Simon
00:15 03 Dec 23
Great caring professional staff. Doctor is exceptional.
The Only Real TrinityThe Only Real Trinity
23:05 01 Dec 23
This dentistry is tuck away in a very cute setting with lots of foliage when you walk through to the office. The inside of the office is very inviting and super clean. When you first walk in your greeted by Maria. She is so professional and has a very lovely disposition. She definitely one of the stars in this dentistry’s business. The doctor, assistants, and all tech as very nice and extremely professional as well. Of course no one truly likes the dentist, but everyone here makes the experience so much better! I definitely would recommend to anyone.
Cinela AzizCinela Aziz
05:12 25 Oct 23
I hadn’t seen a dentist for a year due to changing my job and was in dire need of some dental work. To make matters worse, I had a chipped front tooth for about a month. I noticed how lack of access to a dentist slowly started affecting my confidence and changing my personality. I started hiding my mouth and smiling less. I’m return, people smiled at me less and less. It surprised me how big of an impact this had on my overall happiness.Once my insurance kicked in again, I started googling dentists near me. I saw Doctor Shawn had many good reviews. When I spoke to his staff, they were incredibly friendly in helping me navigate my new insurance company. Everyone was very kind, especially Brianna.Then it was finally time for my appointment. I arrived to find that it was the cutest little converted house style dental office. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be based on google images.Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly. Doctor Shawn stayed after hours to make sure my smile was perfect for my work photoshoot. I deeply appreciated this. He worked quickly, was gentle, and made my smile more beautiful than it was before I chipped my tooth.I can’t thank him enough for giving me back my smile and helping me regain my confidence. I already referred three people to him. There’s an art to dentistry and Doctor Shawn has mastered it.
Helen HarrisHelen Harris
18:40 01 Oct 23
I am very pleased with Dr. Shahrooz. I just saw him yesterday and am rating him a five star!!!! He is knowledgeable, professional and personable with a good sense of humor. He does great work.
Gail McMullenGail McMullen
15:46 11 Sep 23
Dr. Shahrooz is an excellent dentist, in my experience. He is gentle and caring in his work and exceptionally conscientious in observing dental situations in the making. In addition, he has surrounded himself in his practice with coworkers who are equally competent as well as a pleasure to be with for his patients.
Alan ThomsenAlan Thomsen
23:16 10 Sep 23
Dr. Shawn is friendly, fast and does great work. His staff gets you in and out on time . Just a good experience (as far as visiting the dentist goes).
vacuum nutvacuum nut
01:44 27 Aug 23
My most recent visit was for a deep cleaning. Everything went great. My mouth was a little sore that evening and next day. That was the only discomfort I experienced. Thank you.
Sophia DelucchiSophia Delucchi
22:14 18 Aug 23
I had the best experience yesterday at Toluca Advanced Dentistry. The entire staff was so kind! The office literally looked like a fairytale cottage. It was so clean, peaceful, and welcoming. Everything the hygienist and Dr. did was so well communicated. Very excited to have found them! Thanks Dr. Shawn and staff!
Javier BassoJavier Basso
09:50 03 Aug 23
I had an outstanding experience at Dr. Shawn Shahrooz’s dental practice. After a distressing encounter at another clinic, I was fortunate to find Dr. Shawn’s office nearby.Dr. Shawn and his team were a breath of fresh air. They not only accommodated me promptly but also displayed a genuine concern for my well-being. Dr. Shawn took the time to discuss the treatment plan thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. His professionalism and expertise were evident, and it was clear that he prioritized my health over anything else.Dr. Shawn’s practice not only met my expectations but exceeded them. The empathy and care extended by his team were exactly what I needed during a challenging time. They turned what could have been a nightmare scenario into a reassuring and exceptional experience. 👍🏻
Samantha AlvaradoSamantha Alvarado
01:14 20 Jul 23
So relieved to have finally found a great dentist! After having been scammed by so many dentists in the past, it was such a relief to be walked through and clearly shown why each procedure was needed. The office is gorgeous and really clean. And the STAFF!! From the front receptionist to the dental hygenist to Dr. Shahrad himself, everyone was fabulous, so nice, and I can’t wait to go back! Who ever says that about the dentist?? 😉
Nathan HigginsNathan Higgins
15:49 01 Jul 23
If you don’t have a dentist you love, look no further. My father was a doctor and my mom was a nurse, so I have been spoiled when it comes to health care and I am very picky.I was in need of help quickly and didn’t have a dentist. I was a little panicked. I was offered a free consultation the very next day and they resolved my painful tooth the day after that. They even offered to do it right then and there, same day! What service! This office is kind, professional, and caring. From the staff to Dr. Shawn himself I give the office infinity stars.They put me at ease. From the moment I walked into the calm, clean, and beautifully done reception area, I felt safe. They actually took the time to go at my anxieties pace and made sure I was comfortable during the procedure. They listened to MY needs! I never felt like a number or invisible nor rushed, they actually took the time and cared.The office itself is very well done with all the staff in scrubs. It looks brand new and has a calm elegance about it. All of their implements were 100% professional, up to date or new, and clean clean clean. By clean I mean spotless! Such a nice space and parking too! Yes, I fell in LOVE with this office, their work, and their commitment to me, the patient.Believe me when I tell you…I have found my dentist! I will be going back again and again for all of my dental needs. If you don’t have a dentist you LOVE, look no further. You just hit the jackpot!!!
Navid LaviNavid Lavi
22:33 12 May 22
I been going to Dr. Shawn for the past 3 years and been super happy with the quality of work, Professionality of staff and himself, most advanced technology and equipment and last but not least, how you are treated like royalty!One thing I realized by reading the below reviews, there are some bad/one star reviews that don’t belong to Dr. Shawn and they are for the previous Dr. Who owned the business or this business would have 5 stars as it deserves. I would honestly give them 6 if I could!I highly recommend Dr. Shawn to anyone for any dental needs, he is truly an amazing dentist.

Dental Implant Services in Toluca Lake / North Hollywood and surrounding areas

Our Toluca Lake / North Hollywood office is conveniently located for those in the area and surrounding communities. We’re here to make top-tier dental care accessible to you.

Flexible Payment Options for Your Convenience

We believe that financial concerns shouldn’t prevent anyone from accessing quality dental care. That’s why we offer flexible payment options, ensuring that our dental implant services are affordable and within reach.

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If you’re considering dental implants, don’t wait any longer to take the first step towards a healthier, more confident smile. Contact us today at (818)766-3775 to schedule your appointment and take advantage of our special offer.

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