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Laminate helps to beautify crooked teeth. In the following cases, laminate can be used to correct the shape of the tooth:

Slight inclination or misalignment of the tooth

Short distance between teeth

Teeth rotation or deformity

What is Immediate Orthodontics?

Laminating teeth to correct crookedness and misalignment is called instant orthodontics. But you should know that in fact, laminate does not do orthodontic work, but only changes the appearance of the tooth to make it look more beautiful. If the crooked teeth have caused a functional or health problem, orthodontics is the permanent solution to these problems, not laminating.

What is the laminate of rabbit teeth and crooked

First, the tooth should be shaved slightly so that with the addition of laminate, it does not become bulky and its dimensions do not become larger than other teeth. After removing a thin layer of enamel, it is molded and based on it, a laminate shell is made in the laboratory. Then come back to have the laminate stuck to your teeth.

Disadvantages of rabbit and laminated tooth laminate

Laminating rabbit teeth does not solve your orthodontic problem and does not change the position of the tooth. In fact, the teeth under the laminate remain crooked and untidy. Therefore, if your goal is to solve the problem of dental function, it is better to consult an orthodontist.

Advantages of laminated and crooked laminate teeth

This is done immediately and in just one or two sessions while orthodontic treatment is long and time consuming.

In addition to showing the teeth smooth and tidy, laminating also corrects other problems such as discoloration and stains, deformed edges, unevenness, disproportionate dimensions or the distance between the teeth, and if the lip is full or broken, it covers.

What are the causes of tooth decay?

Large two middle front teeth due to heredity and genetics

The small size of the surrounding teeth makes the front teeth look large.

Short gums around the middle front teeth or too long gums on the side front teeth (adjacent to the rabbit teeth) that make the front teeth look large.

What are the methods of correction of rabbit teeth?

Many people love big teeth in the front of the mouth because it makes the face look younger and the smile is more attractive and focused on the center of the mouth. Especially if someone has small teeth, he probably likes them more than big teeth. However, if the size of the front teeth is not interesting to you and you are not satisfied with this situation, you can correct it.

Correction of rabbit teeth depends on the size of the teeth:

If the reason for the rabbit teeth is the size of the front teeth, the solution is to cut and shape these teeth.

If the rabbit tooth is due to the smaller adjacent teeth, this problem can be solved by laminating. These teeth can be enlarged with laminate to match their ratio to the front teeth. It is often recommended that all four front teeth be trimmed and shaped to provide ample space to change and adjust the size of the teeth.

If the gums are caused by teeth, the gums should be removed by contouring the gums (cosmetic gum surgery).

What are the complications of rabbit teeth?

If the cause of rabbit teeth is really the size of the front teeth, sometimes it can cause other problems besides beauty. If the front teeth are too large, they may not have proper contact with the rest of the teeth and as a result the jaw pressure on the teeth may not be properly distributed. On the other hand, the jaw may not close well or the lower jaw may lag behind and the teeth may not be paired due to the pulling of the upper jaw. This disorder, which occurs in the bite (contact of the teeth together), leads to problems such as the following:

Severe wear of some tooth surfaces

Cracks or fillings of teeth

Jaw joint disorder resulting in jaw pain or headache

Decreased facial balance

What are the advantages and disadvantages of laminating rabbit teeth with laminate?

Shaping and cutting large teeth may change the way teeth come into contact with each other and upset the balance between them.

By changing the dimensions of the two front teeth, the fit of these teeth may be disturbed and their ratio of width to height may increase.

Shaving the tooth may cause the vulnerable layers inside the tooth to come out. This condition leads to tooth sensitivity and increases the likelihood of cracking as well as tooth decay. With the addition of laminate shell to the tooth, this problem is partially corrected and the tooth is strengthened and covered and the possibility of its sensitivity is reduced.