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Maintaining a sparkling white smile can be a bit of a challenge these days, with popular products such as coffee and tobacco causing yellow or gray stains, as well as the effects of aging. However, while teeth are not meant to be stark white as they do not naturally come that way, the media portrays teeth a certain way through photos and campaigns, leading people to get treatments in order to achieve this look. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but people should understand beforehand that any treatment for teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure as it does not directly affect one’s health. If you are alright with paying out of pocket for a procedure such as this, there are two treatments available: dental bleaching and surface whiteners.


Dental bleaching is the more expensive out of the two options, but the most effective, especially for those with more severe staining. However, it is incredibly important for your dentist to know your full dental history so they can determine the nature of the stain and also the correct procedure to use as there are two main types of dental bleaching.

One is called non-vital bleaching, which are done on teeth that have undergone fillings and root canals. This bleach, rather than working on surface stains, whitens from within the tooth and works outwards.
Vital bleaching is the second method and used on teeth whose coloration is not caused by dental treatments. This is the most common form as most people who get dental bleaching have it caused by aging, as well as the use of staining products like coffee, wine, and tobacco.


Surface whiteners are an over-the-counter treatment that do not need to be done at a dental office. While there will be many to choose from, all from different toothpaste and toothbrush companies, they all work in the same fashion, so just because one is more expensive, does not mean that it will work better. However, these products are recommended to be used for individuals who have only minor surface stains as these products do not work below the surface, nor can they remove stains that are caused by dental treatments. Consult with your dentist before buying this product to make sure that it is right for you.

If teeth whitening is a service that interests you, or you have further questions about the treatment, please call us and book a consultation.