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Having a beautiful and attractive smile is a dream of all of us, but many need the help of experts to make this dream come true. Today, countless applicants around the world go to orthodontic clinics to modify their smile design to finally achieve their dream smile using invisible orthodontic appliances and transparent plates.

In orthodontic treatment, braces attached to the wire are used to apply force to the teeth and move them. Invisible orthodontics uses a set of custom removable retainer plates that sit snugly on the teeth when the patient places them on the teeth.

Because invisible orthodontic braces are custom-made for each patient to be perfectly sized, using invisible orthodontic benefits is the best option for adults and teens. Smoothing and tidying children’s teeth is more complicated. Because the patient and the mouth are still developing at an early age, the physician will consider stopping growth when determining appropriate treatment.

Invisible orthodontic braces are usually suitable for patients with mild to moderate dental irregularities or slightly spaced teeth. Invisible orthodontics is usually not a good treatment for patients with severely misaligned teeth, problems with the interdental space, such as severe underbite, overbite or crossbite, or severely crooked teeth.

The duration of invisible tooth orthodontics depends on how much the teeth move or rotate. The more crooked the teeth, or the more severe the bite disorder, the longer the treatment. Tidying teeth using invisible orthodontic braces usually takes 10 to 24 months. But if the adult patient has undergone orthodontic treatment as a child and the teeth have moved a little over a few years, it is enough to use Envisaging braces for only 10 weeks.

Because invisible orthodontic braces are not as accurate as old metal orthodontic braces, in some cases it is necessary to wire the teeth for a few months after the invisible orthodontic period to perform smaller and more delicate manipulations at the end of the treatment to achieve a perfect result.

The advantage of invisible orthodontics over metal orthodontics

The more beautiful appearance of invisible orthodontics and not attracting attention is not the only advantage of this new method. Invisible braces and removable orthodontic braces can be removed from the mouth, unlike fixed metal braces, to make brushing and flossing easier and to maintain better oral health. In addition, invisible orthodontics has other benefits such as no damage to the mouth, stress relief and.

The only benefit of tidying your teeth is not achieving an attractive smile. It is easier to take care of straight and aligned teeth and as a result, the long-term health of the teeth is guaranteed.