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Today, tooth restoration has become one of the great challenges and the reason for this can be introduced in the variety of treatment methods. As you know, orthodontics is one of the treatment methods to eliminate, correct and fix dental abnormalities. But the point of using this method is that people are reluctant to do it because of the unsightly appearance that orthodontics creates for them. In such cases, invisible orthodontics can be used to solve this problem. As the name implies, invisible orthodontics will not be seen on your teeth in this way and there will be no traces of it when talking or laughing. That is why today we see high demand for this method.

What is the use of invisible orthodontics?

If we want to provide information about invisible orthodontic function, we must say that in this method, a series of transparent and thin plates are used, which are used as aligners. 3D imaging technologies are used to make this type of plaque. Each plaque is placed in your mouth for two weeks, and you only remove it from your mouth when eating, brushing, and drinking. In this way, a number of these license plates will be provided to you each time, which should replace the previous license plates. Of course, the displacement time can vary depending on the orthodontist.

In fact, what plaque does in the use of invisible orthodontics exerts a proper and controlled force on your teeth, thus moving the teeth. In this method, items such as movement rate, movement schedule, and treatment schedule are controlled and these items can be considered as advantages of this method compared to the old methods. In this way, the teeth return to their original position at the desired time, and in this way, you can have smooth and beautiful teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of using invisible orthodontics
Every treatment or beauty treatment that is done in connection with the restoration of your teeth has a series of advantages and disadvantages that these advantages and disadvantages can be considered as a criterion for making the right choice. Invisible orthodontics is no exception and has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before using it, it is better to be familiar with these cases so that you can reach the best option among the treatment methods.

Invisible orthodontic benefits

• More beauty and attractiveness: The clear appearance of the devices used in this method makes people not notice your use of orthodontics and this issue can maintain a beautiful and attractive appearance for you.

• Comfort: The use of metal braces used in traditional methods always raises the concern for the patient that there is a possibility of cuts and scratches. But there is no need to worry about using invisible orthodontics and this type of braces is very comfortable physically and allows the patient to spend the duration of his treatment more easily.

• Mobility: Traditional braces were not removable and could only be done by a dentist. But invisible braces are removable and you can easily take them out of your mouth when needed.

Need less care: In invisible orthodontics does not require much care. The only precaution for this method is to use an orthodontic toothbrush to prevent the braces from becoming cloudy.

Invisible orthodontic disadvantages

High cost: Perhaps one of the main disadvantages of this method is its high cost. Since the use of invisible braces is not covered by insurance, all costs must be borne by the patient himself. Of course, some people ignore the high price because of the benefits of this method.

• Use of attachments: Using a large number of attachments on this type of braces can be considered as other disadvantages. These attachments help the braces attach better to the teeth.

• Requirement to insert braces for 22 hours a day: In order to achieve the desired result in using invisible orthodontics, you must use them for 22 hours a day. For this reason, perhaps this issue can be expressed as one of its shortcomings.