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What do you know about the effect of orthodontic treatment on facial beauty? Orthodontics can simply affect the appearance of patients’ faces and make them experience a different life after orthodontics. Orthodontics and beauty are two inseparable categories and you can have a unique face without any defects in your mouth and teeth.

The effect of orthodontics and beauty on the facial profile

Orthodontics and beauty are most noticeable when we look at the face or head from both sides. Although orthodontic treatment does not change the shape of the forehead or nose, the orthodontist should consider the shape of these structures when examining various aspects of the patient’s face. Orthodontics and beauty can have a significant impact on the shape of the lips and chin, and the orthodontist will ensure that all elements of the facial profile are well balanced and harmonious.

In fact, there are many solutions in medical science on how to measure a balanced profile. In orthodontics and beauty, an orthodontist measures the profile of the face to see if the nose, lips, or chin are balanced. Of course, it should not be forgotten that these characteristics change over time, while aging, eyes, nose, and chin become more prominent, it is important that patients can easily breathe.

The effect of orthodontics and beauty on the forward position of the teeth

In the case where the teeth are in the forward position, the mouth remains open (due to the difficulty of placing the lips together or breathing through the nose) and the tongue falls down inside the mouth and the muscular balance between the tongue and the lips The species will be disturbed. This can change the teeth over time and create an unbalanced face.

The beauty of this patient’s face is affected by the position of his upper and lower teeth. Because the teeth are inclined forward, the lips cannot be closed easily. When the patient presses the lips together, it closes the chin muscles, thus taking the chin out of the normal position. This characteristic is not balanced when the teeth are closed, the lips are in front of the chin, and the lips are out of normal. The goal is to help this patient with orthodontic and cosmetic solutions and treatments so that he can easily and naturally keep his lips closed without any pressure. Arranging her teeth prevents her chin from coming out of normal to keep her mouth and teeth closed.

Therefore, in orthodontic treatment and patient beauty, 3 main goals will be pursued:

Move the upper teeth into the mouth, creating the right position and space for the lips to close more easily

Create the right position for the chin to allow the chin muscle to relax.

Arrange and align teeth

How is orthodontic and cosmetic treatment done for this person?

According to the orthodontist’s diagnosis, a number of the patient’s teeth will be extracted if needed. Extraction of these teeth will create spaces that close the space between the teeth and the distance between the teeth using orthodontics. Once the spaces are closed, the front teeth are moved back, making the main goal of orthodontic and cosmetic treatment accessible.

The effect of orthodontics on the front of the teeth

In this patient, orthodontic and cosmetic treatment has been performed to reduce the distance between the teeth of the two jaws and the teeth have been moved back so that the patient can keep the lips in balance. After orthodontics of crowded and forward teeth, this patient is able to easily and naturally hold his lips together without any pressure on the chin muscle. This result directly orthodontic treatment improves the profile and enhances the beauty for the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions about orthodontics and beauty

Does orthodontics also affect the beauty of the nose?

Imagine the patient with the maxilla protruding and the maxillary teeth facing forward. These patients usually do not have a good nose shape and the nose is seen more than normal. After orthodontic treatment, the nose goes backwards and looks better.

Is cosmetic orthodontics also applicable to the jaw?

Mobile orthodontic appliances are used to move the jaw. If the patient sees an orthodontist in time, the jaw can be corrected without surgery and with the help of removable orthodontics.

How does orthodontics affect the beauty of the chin?

Most patients have a maxillary or maxillary anterior jaw. With proper use of removable orthodontics, the front jaw can be pulled back or the back jaw and chin can be moved forward.

What effect does cosmetic orthodontics have on the shape of the lips?

When the patient has irregular teeth, the shape of the lips also becomes out of standard. For example, a patient with a missing tooth does not have prominent lips. But after orthodontic alignment of the teeth, the lips also look more prominent and beautiful. The opposite is also true. Patients with protruding teeth have clenched lips and do not have a beautiful shape. With the arrangement of the protruding teeth, the lips also become more shapely and beautiful.