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These days, many people are looking for beautiful teeth to improve their quality of life and self-confidence. Until a few years ago, having straight teeth was more like a dream, but today, the science of cosmetic dentistry has different materials and treatment methods to create a beautiful and attractive smile for people.

Smile design treatments include dental composites, dental laminates and teeth bleaching.

Dental composite:

Dental composite is exactly the same color filling material as the tooth. The dentist forms a thin layer of it on the surface of the tooth. Then he uses blue light to harden it.

IPS veneers (ceramic composites) are a new generation of composites that have higher strength due to their ceramic particles and have less paintability than the older types. And they have a high appearance similar to ceramic laminates.

Dental composites need to be periodically polished, depending on how much color you use in tea, coffee, chocolate, colored juices, or how often you brush your teeth.

Laminate is actually a porcelain shell that is installed on the teeth and gives them the desired shape and shape. This layer is very thin and it is possible to choose the desired color. From the same color as a person’s natural teeth to very white colors.

Dental laminate can correct the following problems:

1. Slight rotation of the teeth and slight back and forth

2. Fractures or paleness of the teeth

3. Indentation of one or more teeth

4. Improper color of teeth

5. Tooth erosion and loss of tooth tissue

There are several types of ceramic dental laminates on the market. Some of them require very small teeth cutting about 0.5 mm.

There are other types of laminate flooring on the market that are as thick as eye lenses. These laminates are also called non-prep or luminaires and are very thin and beautiful. Crystal laminates are another choice that are thin and very shiny.

Ceramic dental laminates often do not require anesthetic injection, are resistant to colored food, but instead cost more than dental composite.

Tooth bleaching:

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is one of the best cosmetic treatments that does not require any cutting or manipulation of the tooth surface, does not damage the teeth, it costs much more than other beauty treatments and can be repeated.

If you have naturally yellow teeth or you are around 30-40 years old when the enamel becomes thinner and the teeth become yellower, teeth bleaching is a good treatment for you.

If you smoke a lot of cigarettes, alcohol, or coffee, your teeth may become darker over time. A history of medication or trauma to the teeth can also affect the natural, light color of your teeth.

Bleaching your teeth is like putting white clothes on Vitex. Special bleaching agents penetrate into the tooth tissue and lighten the color of the teeth by destroying the color molecules.

Digital smile design:

The latest technology in the world has come to our aid so that you can see the final view of your teeth after work in the same session. All we have to do is take a picture of you smiling and that’s it!

The software designs the appropriate teeth for your face according to the face shape. 10 minutes later you see the digital smile design of your new teeth.