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Orthodontic treatment is used to tidy teeth and make teeth more beautiful. Orthodontists consider this treatment to be the best method, but there are other methods for arranging teeth without orthodontics that bring the desired result to the patient.

In order for the teeth to be well arranged, one must first know the anatomy and shape of the teeth well, and the factors that will cause this recognition are as follows:

• How the teeth are placed next to each other

• What is the color of the teeth and what is its form?

• The shape and form of the lips

• Sick face

An experienced orthodontist can easily provide the patient with the most effective and best treatment by considering these factors. A specialist spends time to arrange the teeth well with taste and art so that the teeth become irregular, regular and uniform. Before orthodontists arrange and beautify their teeth, the only thing they pay attention to is the patient’s face and the fit of the tooth shape to the shape of the lips. Of course, beauty is valuable along with health.

The importance of tidying teeth

• Regular teeth are not only done for beauty but also for maintaining good health.

• It is easy to clean smooth and regular teeth.

• It is easy to eat with regular teeth.

• The risk of tooth decay is higher in disordered teeth.

Gum disease is more common in disordered teeth.

There are different levels for irregular teeth. For example, only one tooth may have a problem with irregularities. There are several ways to sort them, including:

The cover

The veneer is used when the tooth is decayed, broken, or even used to cover a denervated tooth. In this way, the teeth will have a more beautiful appearance. The back or front of a tooth, like a canine tooth, will be adjustable.


Another method of beautifying teeth without orthodontics is the scaling method, which is used to change the color of the teeth to whiten them and make them more beautiful, so that the plaque on the teeth can be removed.


Apart from scaling, there is another method of teeth whitening called bleaching. This method is the best treatment if there are more acute problems, such as taking drugs or drugs, or aging and gene change, and even not observing dental hygiene for a long time.


Another way to whiten teeth is to use laminate. Doctors of dentistry use it in two ways according to the patient’s condition: ceramic and composite

Laminate can be used to correct the size of the teeth if the teeth are decayed or badly stained.


This method means filling the empty space of the teeth, which is a kind of cosmetic treatment. In this type of treatment, special glue and tooth color are used. This method is also used to repair broken teeth and fill them.

Fillings and implants are other methods that orthodontists use to beautify without orthodontics.

We have explained the best effective solutions for treating crooked teeth without orthodontics above, but choosing the best method depends on your choice and the diagnosis of a specialist, so as always, we suggest that you consult your specialist before choosing a treatment.